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Geek / Games Discussion / Re: Games on sale on steam.
« Last post by One Eyed Wonderweasle on April 20, 2018, 12:39:14 am »
 A free game now available on steam, I might give it a go.

A couple live streaming about an hour of gameplay.

 I've seen people asking $250 for just an I5 CPU, just a CPU, after doing a thorough factory reinstall, everything works flawlessly. My best investment this year so far. 
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: Bragging rights. Let's see what you got.
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on April 04, 2018, 08:53:32 pm »
That's a nice little rig for the money.
here's a link to the exact model on amazon. (I didn't get the keyboard and mouse included, oh - darn!) + the 1tb is a hybrid drive.
General Discussion / Re: Things are NOT good for KT right now
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on April 03, 2018, 11:17:09 pm »
Wow.  So sorry to hear all that.
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: Someone tried to break INTO MY CAR!
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on April 03, 2018, 11:11:38 pm »
So instead of breaking a window like most people, they tried twice to rip the door off it's hinges and all for nothing?  So sad really cause they didn't get anything but your stuck repairing your car.
No one has time to put it in so haven't searched for one ..   :-\

Serious?  It takes maybe 30 minutes to replace.  ::)
 I just got a sweet deal. a ROG G20AJ small form factor tower I7, 8gb's, gtx 760(2gb), 1tb hard drive for $250 Canadian. In good working condition (just needs a reinstall as far as I can tell so far.
General Discussion / Things are NOT good for KT right now
« Last post by [IA] KT KaBo0M on April 03, 2018, 02:26:45 am »
Sorry I haven't been on, haven't been playing ANY games, and just have been MIA in general. A LOT has been going on.

  • No parking at my mom's for visitors as of April 1st which just HAPPENED to be EASTER ... so at the last week before Easter I had to get my place ready for family to come over to my place. Turns out we had too much food as my one brother decided they would only visit his wife's parents for Easter.
  • Then during the same week just before Easter I found out that 2 of my cousin's were murdered. I cannot give more details at this time because of the court ordered ban on information for the time being til the murderer has been changed. But it (the rest of the details of what happened) was bad. REAL bad. Not just simple murder but torture of a witness. The whole family was great to my whole family when I was sick for years as a child before my surgery.
  • Then around Easter I found out that my cat is very ill and will probably die the end of this week. She is very weak and has "Profound Lethargy" and trouble walking with confidence since she is so wobbly.

My mind is all over and I just don't feel like doing anything .. socializing .. just .. thinking .. and don't know how to make my cat feel better. She is not eating or drinking at all now and is very dizzy. She tried to go to the litter box and fell while getting into it and peed on the floor. I put a lower one but she hasn't went to the washroom at all since she is not eating or drinking now. She is sleeping all the time and is in pain on her right lower side. I cannot afford a vet so I am just waiting ... for the inevitable..  :'(

Geek / Games Discussion / Re: Someone tried to break INTO MY CAR!
« Last post by [IA] KT KaBo0M on April 03, 2018, 02:21:30 am »

Now why someone keeps trying to break into your car is beyond me.  But, going off of what you have been sharing with us, I would suspect that it's someone that knows you.

I doubt it is anyone who knows me .  I think it was someone looking for money or something they could sell. The 2nd time they actually did get in, found nothing, let and never came back. The first time I don't think they actually got in and that was why they came back.
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