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Author Topic: Natural-Selection 2  (Read 508 times)

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Natural-Selection 2
« on: August 14, 2013, 03:36:45 pm »
Quote from: Kodiac
The engineering news just kept getting better in June. The best way to explain what Max and Dushan have achieved this month is to show you two screenshots. Here is the first:

Yep, that is a Linux Mint desktop, running the MATE desktop. And that sure looks like Natural Selection 2 running on Linux, does it not? Now for the second:

You might be able to guess that this is a Linux Ubuntu desktop, running the Unity interface. These screenshots were taken on Dushan and Max’s work machines, respectively, at the same time. They show that not only is Natural Selection 2 now running on Linux, we are even starting to successfully trial actual networked play. In theory, we could have connected Windows players to the same server.

This does not mean we are about to release NS2 on Linux. But we are getting damn close. This is real, we are aiming for true SteamPlay Windows / Linux / Mac support. Max and Dushan are working full time on bringing this dream to fruition, and we can’t wait to share more progress with you over the coming weeks.
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