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Geek / Games Discussion / Re: rying to get KT to play Dying Light
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on October 10, 2017, 05:38:38 pm »
I was about to say, everyone else that joins, keeps their current level, weapons and everything else.  If you somehow started at level 0, then you must have started a new game or something.

I dropped you a link to TheSandBox discord channel on steam friends.  Join us sometime.
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: Warframe
« Last post by One Eyed Wonderweasle on October 10, 2017, 01:32:42 pm »
 I got it working. I think the problem was with the power cord being loose on the USB hub I had the wireless for the controller on at the time. Anyway yes it does work but I'm still not as used to a controller so still end up mouse keyboard instead. oh well.
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: rying to get KT to play Dying Light
« Last post by One Eyed Wonderweasle on October 10, 2017, 12:01:42 pm »
 :duh: Was my fault with starting at 0 in that game. I'm not used to joining a game in DL, I messed up, was in no way the game I joined that was to blame. hopefully try again tonight.
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: rying to get KT to play Dying Light
« Last post by One Eyed Wonderweasle on October 09, 2017, 04:35:10 pm »
 Not sure how long I'll be out tonight but if I'm back at a decent time I'm game. As for Kt, don't think she's installed it yet. have to get on her ass about that, I've tried.
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: rying to get KT to play Dying Light
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on October 09, 2017, 03:51:40 pm »
Yeah.  I don't think I have that skill unlocked yet.  But I will eventually get it.  Speaking of eventually doing something, when are you and KT going to come play?
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: rying to get KT to play Dying Light
« Last post by One Eyed Wonderweasle on October 09, 2017, 03:25:26 pm »
 Actually ammo can be bought at every vendor, but ya it's mostly about the melee weapons not the guns in this game, as you get to better weapons there are higher level stuff that can take up to 5 repairs (orange weapons) and there is a skill that you will get that puts a chance of no cost to your weapon repair but it is random- sometimes when you repair a weapon it doesn't count it. plus there are mods for weapons too. but that's probably still many levels up for you. wait till you get the grappling hook.
 But like I mentioned before, plenty of stuff on you tube about anything you could think to ask on this game.
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Z talk
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on October 08, 2017, 08:13:16 pm »
It's been a little while since I posted something.  And well, the tournament seems to be really heating up.  So far, our universe 7's team has lost 3 fighters.  Master Roshi, Krillian, and Tian.  They all put up a good fight and took out several other fighters in the process.  In episode 108, it looked like Freiza had turned on Gohan and was going to join forces with the freiza race fighter from universe 6, named Frost.  Both Freiza and Gohan were using their ultimate forms and put on a good show of both speed and power.  Freiza had the slight advantage and managed to put Gohan down.  But just when we thought Freiza was going to finish off Gohan, he instead turned on Frost and knocked him out of the ring.  Frost was then erased by Zeno when Frost tried to attack Freiza from outside the ring.

Last night, they released a supposed to be 1 hour special.  It was episodes 109 and 110, back to back.  In these 2 episodes, was the fight most of us were waiting to see.  Jiren the grey vs Goku.  To start off, there was a myth among the gods of destruction that there was a living mortal who was more powerful then any god of destruction.  These 2 episodes reveled that myth was not only true, but it was in fact Jiren.  Every remaining contender stopped fighting to watch this fight when Jiren finally released his full power to engage Goku in battle.  Goku tried with all his might, but couldn't even land a single punch on Jiren, even while using Kiokain X20 and SSJB.  Jiren then allowed Goku to perform his final attack, the Spirit Bomb.  And even that failed.  Jiren is just to powerful.  The force between the power struggle, caused the Spirit Bomb to collapse and explode on Goku.   What happened next was not fully explained.  But from the looks of it, Goku somehow absorbed the energy from the exploding Spirit Bomb and managed to transform in to a new awoken state.  With this new found power, Goku was now able to fight Jiren head to head.   Unfortunate for Goku, this new form didn't last long and Goku lost the fight.  But not the battle.  Goku was last seen still in the ring, talking to Vegeta.

Next weeks preview showed Freiza standing over Goku's barely conscious body with a energy ball in hand, talking about a disturbing memory from planet Namic.  Is Freiza really on our side?  What is Freiza intending to do to Goku with that energy ball?  And it looks like Hit from universe 6 is going to go all out against Jiren.  In one seen, it looks like Hit tried to use his finishing move on Jiren and Jiren tried to block it.  But did he manage to stop it?  I guess we will find out what happens next week.
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: rying to get KT to play Dying Light
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on October 08, 2017, 07:05:10 pm »
All that you say seems to be very true.  The more you play and level up, the easier it is to be able to fend for yourself.  Right now, I am still a rather low level.  But can fight much more effectively.  Move faster, hit harder and reach hard to reach places much easier then before.  I can take on a small group of infected on my own now, when I couldn't early on.  But as I said before, this is nothing like L4D or DI (Dead Island).  Most weapons degrade and need constant repair.  But unlike DI, there is a limit to how many times a weapon can be repaired.  Projectile weapons like guns and bows won't need repair.  But ammo is not easy to come by.  So best to use them sparingly.  In any case, it's better to avoid conflict when you can and only stand and fight when you have to.  Use tactics to your advantage against the stronger enemies.  A simple strike and dodge tactic seems to work well in most cases.
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: rying to get KT to play Dying Light
« Last post by One Eyed Wonderweasle on October 08, 2017, 02:33:30 pm »
 At first yes, your skills are weak you are weak, but you stay in at night and build your levels till you can get or make some better weapons, still have to avoid hoards till you know how to take them on. you'll get skills that as you progress, make things a lot easier. but I haven't even played co op yet and I'm over 170 hours into it. Like you said it isn't left for dead.
 There are a lot of guides on youtube for farming skill levels, how to get past certain parts were to find better weapons and other cool stuff, as to if she'd like it, she'd probably have to install it to find out. It can be frustrating a bit at first, but once you get a few skills, learn not to take on hoards by yourself, start using better weapons, and realize your character's limitations, getting past  challenges becomes fun. Your character doesn't start off a bad ass, you have to put in the time and get the experience to make him one. 
Geek / Games Discussion / Re: rying to get KT to play Dying Light
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on October 07, 2017, 06:04:19 pm »
Well, I've been playing it with some friends to help make it a little easier.  For the most part, you can avoid conflict with the zombies during the day.  Most of them are slow moving and damn hard to kill with melee attacks.  During the night, you best run like hell and have your UV light at the ready.  In any case, most of the game is fast paced and you have to think on your feet to avoid being mobbed by the hordes.  I don't know how KT would react to a game like this, as it's nothing like L4D.
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