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Author Topic: I went to Windows 10 finally (RANT)  (Read 34 times)

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I went to Windows 10 finally (RANT)
« on: January 11, 2018, 11:00:14 am »
I am frustrated with Windows 10. I can go back to Win 7 since I still have the original DVD but .. I know eventually I would have to go to Win 10 and I would not be able to afford to buy it. Microsoft offered Win 10 still til the end of 2017 under the exception of people who want the accessibility options that did NOT come with original Win 10. I took the opportunity and oddly enough no where does it ask what accessibility options you needed to verify this. It was just to get more people a chance to go to Win 10 because they really want everyone on board. I figured as much though.

Anyway my printer won't work. The Lexmark 1290 I bought ink for. Put it in. it said it could not detect the USB. I unplugged it and tried another port. Same issue. I know it is not my USB then. I did a search online. Guess what?  WINDOWS 10 does NOT SUPPORT LEXMARK 1290! THIS is what I was worried about! I was worried that some of my hardware would not work but people reassured me that everything that worked with Win 7 would work no problem with Win 10 and that was absolutely NOT true obviously!

It says:

You will have to upgrade your printer. Click here to visit the Lexmark store to find a recommended printer. Also, read about all the new printing and document workflow solutions available.

We attempt to provide support for legacy products based on consumer demand and the continued evolution of technology standards. Support for legacy products is eventually withdrawn as we continue to focus on products with new standards and operating system capabilities such as XPS.

I posted my question to Microsoft here:

So what do I do with this ink? I don't have enough money to fork out for ink for the printer I use just for faxing! At least I DO have that thanks to my mom but I felt bad that I got this printer (you know Sand) when my mom got that one for me and I was like but .. okay well I do need a fax I will just use it to fax (which I have for the last few years to fax things to disability).  The thing is if I KNEW that the Lexmark 1290 would NOT work with WIN 10 I would NOT h ave spent $60 on both Black and Colour ink!! I am NOT happy! The other printer is my EPSON WF-2540. Hmmm. wonder if IT is even supported ...

Well THAT is not a good sign .. page not found.. great...

This is my other printer I don't have hooked up to the computer as it is only used for fax. I had it connected to the wifi but when I was having net issues Dave told me to disconnect the router in case it was that. I would have to BUY ink and test to see if that printer even works .. I am not in the mood or have the money to buy ink just to see if it will work with Windows 10 ...

Espon doesn't have as easy to follow directions. Just download this drive .. basically good luck. Try it. So I would have to buy ink. Not happy. So I was supposed to print out a list of my hospital expenses for disability and now can't :(

This is the ink for the Epson .. not as expensive as the Lexmark but it is also not just 2 things of ink neither. Still I only really need the black ..

Maybe I should just do it .. I just am so frustrated though and needed to vent! Might have to get Dave over here ...

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Re: I went to Windows 10 finally (RANT)
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2018, 08:36:18 pm »
That was why I never stepped up to windows 10.  Because I know that I have some hardware that is not supported by the new version of windows.  Namely my sound card and printer.  But hey, the only good part of windows 10 upgrade is that it can be uninstalled.  :tup:

Server Admins  |  General Category  |  Geek / Games Discussion  |  I went to Windows 10 finally (RANT)

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