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General Discussion / Re: random: funny
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on October 15, 2020, 07:10:27 pm »
nom nom.   ;D
I'm pretty sure that most of the issues are driver related.  Just like when AMD released their Radeon 7 and 5700 XT, the drivers were problematic, to say the least.  But have since then matured.
General Discussion / Re: random: funny
« Last post by One Eyed Wonderweasle on October 15, 2020, 06:56:00 pm »
A bunny being eaten by a Shark. My cat is named Bunny.
 Actually not sure it's exactly clock speed of 2ghz, jays 2 cents did a testing after Nvidia put out a driver update that was supposed to address that issue and used the card with the highest boost clock to test it on. Whatever they changed didn't make a difference  in the benchmarks for that card. be cause what you assumed was what he assumed, that the fix would lower clock speeds. but it didn't.
Well, got some bad news from Nvidea's 3000 series cards.  Seems they are crashing to desktop once the clock speed hits or exceeds 2ghz.  And one of the flaws for it have been found.  Also, more news on big navi.  Going off of speculative leaks, I suspect the 6900 xt to land near the 3080 10gbit performance wise.  Time will tell.

General Discussion / Re: issue with the site
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on September 20, 2020, 07:27:33 pm »
Well, I figured this part out.  Check your PM's.  For the most part, you can just ignore the warnings.

As for the random attachment addons, I'm still working on that.
LOL.  I've done that too. 

Anyway, still no solid news on big navi yet.  Most sources are suggesting that big navi should slide in between the 3070 and 3080, performance wise.  Same goes for the price bracket.  If that's true, it would suggest that Nvidea may have knowledge of AMD's price to performance figures already.  And could explain why Nvidea tanked their prices prier to launch.  Early price speculation was considerably higher. 
 I literally just posted the same vid. took mine down now. or I some how didn't see this posted. I need more sleep I guess.
Okay.  So the 3080 is out and the benchmarks are coming out.  And as I was saying earlier, you won't need pcie gen4 to get full performance from this generation of cards.  Well, not just yet.  And here is proof.

Geek / Games Discussion / Re: Overclocking WTF?!?
« Last post by Sandman[SA] on September 13, 2020, 09:39:52 pm »
I figured that since this is a thread about overclocking, I'd just put this right here.  Good educational stuff for those who may want to try overclocking on a modern UEFI bios.

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